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Rust Knock Out
Technical Data Sheet


  • Square Ltd
  • Prosperity Bay Shipping Company Ltd.
  • Teo Shipping Corporation
  • Colorland

    Square Ltd

    Ships Managers / Agents

    65 Aki Miaouli Piraeus 1 85 36 - Greece P.O. Box 80537 Piraeus 1 85 1 0 Telephone 4292610 /
    8 lines, Telex 241479 /241880 SQUR GR Cables SQUALTD PIRAEUS Telefax: 4293065

    Piraeus, 25th May, 1995


    In answer to your Piraeus agent's request for a brief report on our experience with your primers, RUST DESTROYER® and RUST KNOCK OUT® we wish to report the following:

    We have primarily used RUST DESTROYER® in difficult areas where cleaning to bare metal is virtually impossible and on steam pipes. Results have been beyond our expectations.

    RUST KNOCK OUT®, as recommended, has been used in tanks and other areas where steel is under constant water submersion with superior results. Steel preservation appears to be much better than when using some of the usual tank coatings.

    We have been using these primers for almost four years and intend to continue.

    Yours sincerely,

    SQUARE LTD (As Agents only)
    P.M. Kallis

    Prosperity Bay Shipping Company Ltd.

    Ship Managers
    25 Akti Miaouli Street, 185 35 Piraeus - Greece, Telephone: 01-42 25127 Telexes: 21 3092 Pros Gr - 21 2369 Mago Gr Fax: 01-42 25130 Cables: Medmaren Piraeus
    OUR REF 282/P/MGL


    Dear Mr. Heiss,

    Thank you for your letter asking for our opinion of your primers RUST DESTROYER®and RUST KNOCK OUT®. We certainly agree that application should be made to Lloyds for inclusion on their approved list of coatings.

    For the record we wish to advise that both primers have been used in the holds of our bulk carriers for the past three years with excellent results. We are sensitive to the requirements of the USDA and are pleased with the non-toxic properties of both primers in addition to their rust converting and priming qualities.

    We hope this letter will be helpful as all the major classification societies are requiring approved coatings.

    Very truly yours,

    Michael G. Lignos

    Teo Shipping Corporation

    Established in Greece under Laws An89/67, An 378/68, N27/75, N814/78 15, Sahtouri Street, Gr 18536 Piraeus, Tel 426 3320, Fax 428 3331, Telex: 211165
    Teos Gr, Cables: Shipteo Piraeus
    Our Ref A5 / DG/GEN

    Dear Sirs,

    We are pleased to resort that we have been 'using your rust converting primers for the past three years with excellent results.

    "RUST DESTROYER®" has been used extensively on all weather deck areas with no deterioration as per your literature and guarantee. "RUST KNOCK OUT®, your waterborne primer, has also been used in weather areas but primarily as a coating for ballast and wing tanks. Even without the required topcoat for guarantee purposes we have experience unusually good results in the tanks.

    Yours faithfully

    Teo Shipping Corporation, as agents only


    2567 South State Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
    Phone (801) 487-2273

    November 8, 1996

    Dear Tom,

    We have had a great deal to tell you about RUST KNOCK OUT®. Some of our customers such as Meg Corp, Kennecott Copper, and Akzo Salt have purchased literally 100s of gallons and have been extremely pleased with the results. We have applied RUST KNOCK OUT® directly over rust at rate of 300 square feet per gallon, then top coated with a variety of products including urethane, epoxies, and 100% acrylics with amazing results.

    We are looking forward to 1997 as we have several jobs in process. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Bill Stafford, Owner
    Colorland Paint

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