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Rust Knock Out
Technical Data Sheet



Korean Register of Shipping


Certificate No.: NYK02587-CR002
Date of Approval: 7 September, 1994
Product: Marine Paints
Manufacturer: Advanced Protective Products Inc.
Product Description: RUST KNOCK OUT

Approval Conditions:
  1. This approval is subject to annual works inspection during the next year of l995.
  2. The full approval shall be granted on the basis of satisfactory service performance under sea going conditions for a period of not less than 2 years.
  3. No product certificate required.

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the above-mentioned product has been approved in accordance with the relevant requirements of this Society's Rules and/or with the recognized standards as follows and entered in the List of Approved Manufacturers and Type Approved Equipment".

Manufacturer's specifications.
This Certificate is valid until the 6th day of September, 1996.
Issued at Taejon on the 6th September, 1994.

(S. O. Song)
Manager of Machinery Dept.

Any significant changes in design and/or quality of product may render this certificate invalid.

American Bureau of Shipping

Certificate No. 96-NY-12114-X
Port of New York, NY/New Jersey
Date: 21 November, 1996

This is to certify that a representative of this bureau did, at the request of Advanced Protective Products, Inc., attend their plant at Jersey City, N.J. on 21 November, 1996 and subsequent dates, in order to carry out an initial survey of the facilities and associated quality procedures, and that the facility is considered capable of producing an acceptable uniform product, and that the equipment listed on the attachment is eligible to become part of a classed vessel and to be placed on this bureau's list of type approved equipment, subject to annual plant surveys by a representative of this bureau and renewal of this certificate due 5 years after the initial survey.

Surveyor: David Moskoff, 21 November 1996

Attachment to Certificate No. 96-NY-12114-X
Port of New York, NY/New Jersey

Equipment: Rust Converting Paint Primer
Intended Service: To be used as a waterborne rust converting paint primer.
Description: Acid free paint primer with VOC less than 1/2% by volume that converts active rust to the passive form where rust can not be completely removed before painting.
Standard: ASTM-B117, D149, D381, D870, D1211, D714, D1308, D1737, D2243, D2369, D2485, D3359, D3960, ISO-CSN2409, 3231, 8501-1, 9223, CSN38130-S, DIN-5017, 5018, 55151, 53209
Service Restrictions:
  1. Three mil dry film thickness should be applied for best results
  2. Coated surface should not be exposed to temperature exceeding 235oF.
  3. Oil, grease, loose paint, coatings, rust flakes and debris, must be removed to obtain an effective coating.
  4. Not to be used on wet surfaces. The temperature of the surface to be coated should be at least 40oF.
  5. May be used under constant water submersion only with the appropriate water resistant top coating.
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