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Rust Knock Out
Technical Data Sheet

Rust Knock Out - Cans.jpg (18663 bytes)ABOUT RUST KNOCK OUT®


RUST KNOCK OUT® is the environmentally responsible high performance pigmented waterborne universal base rust converting paint primer. RUST KNOCK OUT® is the only product of its kind that does not contain "tannic acid" or other "acid type'' product and does not have any of their restriction, on handling, and use.

RUST KNOCK OUT® non flammable, non hazardous, insignificant VOC.

RUST KNOCK OUT® meets all current and proposed legislation nationally.

RUST KNOCK OUT® has created new standards of excellence and scientific achievement in the fields of corrosion treatment and metal protection.

RUST KNOCK OUT® is the first inexpensive, efficient and effective waterborne paint that converts active rust to the passive form, and provides a protective film that inhibits further rust even under severe conditions.

RUST KNOCK OUT® with its unique, special properties can be used in a variety of application areas, from the smallest household item to the largest Government, industrial, institutional projects. After proper application and curing time use the top coat specified for the environment.

RUST KNOCK OUT® forms a tough shield that adheres to any top coat and provides a continuous protective layer that is absolutely GUARANTEED TO STOP RUST for up to five years, when properly top coated with the top coat specified for the environment.

RUST KNOCK OUT ®Advantages

  1. Apply directly over: rust, bare metal, painted metal.
  2. RUST KNOCK OUT® is EASY to use. NO sandblasting, scraping to bare metal, or sanding glossy finishes to improve adhesion. Simply remove loose scaling particles, grease, or dirt. Surface must be firm and paintable. Now the surface is ready for RUST KNOCK OUT®..
  3. RUST KNOCK OUT® has superior adhesion to all metal surfaces both clean or rusted such as: steel, core tan steel, aluminum, tin, zinc galvanized metal cast iron..
  4. RUST KNOCK OUT® is compatible and superior adhesion to a variety of top coats containing; aliphatic, aromatic, solvents, esters, ketones, alcohol base paints. Two component solvent free epoxy, 2 component solvent free polyurethane, clear or pigmented, 2 component water base epoxies, 2 component water base polyurethanes, and water reducible coatings..
  5. Used extensively in industrial, institutional, and commercial environments such as: boats, bridges, cars, cargo ships, chemical plants, cranes, crude oil tankers, farm equipment, generator power stations, harbor installations, paper mills, potable water tanks, petro chemical refineries, rail roads, ships, storage tanks, transportation, steel structures, etc..

With all the "rust converting" products and metal primers why should I buy RUST KNOCK OUT®?.

You should not be forced to buy a separate primer or rust treatment for each specific job! No other product can make these claims!.


  1. Saves you money, by not having to inventory all the other ''rust converters" and different metal primers. One product does it all! one SKU..
  2. Avoid confusing your customers. Instead of stocking all the other products, and hoping that someone will not make a mistake by purchasing the wrong primer to the top coat, and create an incompatibility problem. You have the one product for all your metal needs, a universal base paint primer, and "rust converting paint primer.".
  3. Works will all the different types of paints you are already selling, without restrictions..
  4. RUST KNOCK OUT® does not contain "Tannic acid" or any other type acid, and is not acidic, as most others are. Because of this you don't have to pour product into a separate non metal container as most others require..
  5. No special surface preparation, or treatment needed. Remove the loose flakes, have a paintable surface, and apply. Product is a self etching primer that "bites" into the surface..
  6. RUST KNOCK OUT® will work on: Clean steel, Rusty steel, Zinc Galvanized metal, Core Tan steel, previously painted surfaces..
  7. RUST KNOCK OUT® Dries to touch in 1/2 hour. Top coat in 4 hours.

RUST KNOCK OUT ®Product Comparisons

Now lets look at some of the other "metal primers" and "rust converters" you are already stocking.

Metal primers
Surface Use products Manufacturer
Heavy rusted metal: #7769 rusty metal primer
Or rust-oleum rust reformer.
Painted metals Clean metal primer Rust-oleum
Automobiles Auto primer Rust-oleum
Galvanized metal Galvanized metal primer Rust-oleum
Aluminum Gutter primer Rust-oleum

What you are about to read is what actually is written in the literature.

Metal primers

  1. all products- must lightly sand glossy surfaces.
  2. galvanized primer:
    • Not for use on iron or steel surfaces.
    • Do not apply over existing coatings. Remove all previous coatings by scraping and/or use of paint removers.

Derusto galv a grip

  1. remove all old paint.
  2. on heavily rusted surfaces, scrape, wire brush, spot prime allow 24 hours to dry, then recoat.
  3. not recommended for use as a primer for lacquer, or epoxy based materials .

    Rust converters / Rust-oleum

    Rust converter # 3575:

    • use on rusted steel surfaces where only minimum surface preparation (scraping and wire brushing) is practical.
    • can be top coated with many types of finishes, however, for best performance with high performance coatings, the surface preparation and primer recommendation for those coatings should be followed.

    Duro extend

    1. sand or brush thoroughly.
    2. allow to dry overnight protected from moisture.
    3. do not use water base or latex paint.
    4. apply a few thin coats rather than a thick coat.
    5. extend sprayed on coated metal will not turn black. Confine spray to rusted area.

    Neutra rust

    • test small area to ensure compatibility.
    • for best results, sand or wire brush rusted surface before application.
    • do not remove all traces of rust. Rust is necessary for proper chemical reaction .
    • wash off salt residue and chemicals.
    • 2 or 3 thin coats protect better than 1 heavy coat.
    • allow 2 hours between coats.
    • if a light color topcoat is desired, a light or medium colored primer is recommended to insure adequate protection.
    From the information above it is clear that RUST KNOCK OUT® is the only product without restrictions, and is uniquely superior to all the rest.

    RUST KNOCK OUT®Five Year Guarantee

    We guarantee that our product conforms to our specifiations and performs according to our technical data sheet in our literature. RUST KNOCK OUT® is guaranteed to stop existing rust and prevent new rust for a period of five (5) years if properly applied, cured and top- coated with the proper top coat specified for the environment. Since we do not have control over application, we do not make any other kind of guarantee. Our liability if any is limited to replacement of product. Labor, cost of labor, and consequential damages are hereby excluded.

    *NOTE: RUST KNOCK OUT®will adhere to any and all paints but will not "go through" the previously painted surface. If you get any rust break through, simply spot prime with RUST KNOCK OUT® and apply the proper top coat. RUST KNOCK OUT®will adhere to any and all paints but will not "glue down" any unsound coatings. If old paint should release, simply spot prime with rust destroyer and apply the appropriate top coat.

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