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Rust Destroyer


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A: RUST DESTROYER® is patented universal base rust converting coating, non toxic, USDA, FDA approved, with USDA, FDA approved top coats..

Q: Can I apply RUST DESTROYER® directly over rust?

A: Yes. Remove all the loose flakes and apply RUST DESTROYER® directly over rust.

Q: Other primers and rust converters are restrictive as to the types of top coat paints that can be applied over or under their products. Does RUST DESTROYER® also restrict me to a few top coats?

A: No. RUST DESTROYER® can be applied over or under any top coat.

Q: Other companies require a separate primer for each and every different type of metal. Does RUST DESTROYER® have the same requirements?

A: No. RUST DESTROYER® works on clean, rusty steel, zinc galvanized metal, core tan steel, hot dip zinc galvanized metal, aluminum, tin, and previously painted surfaces.

Q: Do I need to sandblast all the paint from the surface before I apply RUST DESTROYER®?

A:No. Sandblasting or wire brushing to bare metal is not necessary. Remove loose flakes. Prepare firm paintable surface. Apply RUST DESTROYER® over the previously painted surface.

Q. Some primers require that after brushing the loose material from the surface, I must wash the surface with soap and water and/or chemicals before I apply their primer. Is it necessary to wash the surface before applying RUST DESTROYER®?

A: No. After all loose debris has been removed from the surface, simply brush it well with a stiff brush before applying RUST DESTROYER®.

Q: Other primers require that I sand or degloss the surface of the previous coating prior to applying their product. Do I need to sand or degloss before applying RUST DESTROYER®?

A: No. RUST DESTROYER® is a self-etching primer that "bites" into the previously painted surfaces.

Q: The "rust converters that turn rust black" require some rust be present in order for their product to "activate". Does rust have to be present for RUST DESTROYER® to work?

A: No. RUST DESTROYER® is a patented "universal primer" that also works over bare metal, previously painted surfaces, and directly over rust.

Q: Will RUST DESTROYER® work over rusted and pitted surfaces? Other manufactures require several coats of their product and that the surface be smooth.

A: RUST DESTROYER® works well over rusted and pitted surfaces as well as smooth surfaces.

Q: How does RUST DESTROYER® compare in "side-by-side" competitive tests of performance with other primers and rust converters?

A: Independent laboratories have proven that RUST DESTROYER® is superior over all competitive products and is unique in its design, applications and performance. That's one of the reasons it's patentable.

Q: Most of the "Major Competitive Products" and their companies have been in business for many years. Why haven't I heard about RUST DESTROYER® before now?

A: RUST DESTROYER® is "revolutionary in scope" and a giant leap in technology in the coating industry. That's why it has a patent. Most of the competitive products you are accustomed to use old technology and generally, one is no different from the other. Only RUST DESTROYER® has been singled out as being unique and patentable.

Q: Other rust converters change colors during the process and end up as a hard black crust on the surface. What does RUST DESTROYER® do and can I see it happen?

A: RUST DESTROYER® is a "red" color before, during, and after application. The patented rust conversion happens deep inside the product and maintains a uniform color for you to work with. As for the "black crust" other converters produce, they are generally hard, and brittle and will crack when flexed or receive impact. RUST DESTROYER® is flexible and will not crack even when the substrate it's applied to is bent over 1/4" mandrell through 180 degrees.

Q: Most other primers promise a 1 to 1 1/2 mil dry film thickness at 300 square feet per gallon. What is RUST DESTROYER® coverage rate?

A: RUST DESTROYER® will yield a 3 mil dry film thickness at 300 to 350 square feet/gallon. Double what most others promise.

Q: How can RUST DESTROYER® promise and deliver both good coverage and high mil thickness?

A: High solids content of the product.

Q: If I did want to thin RUST DESTROYER®, what and how much do I use?

A: Aliphatic solvents (paint thinner mineral spirits). Do not use more than 1 pint to a gallon. (1 part MINERAL SPIRITS to 8 parts of RUST DESTROYER®).

Q: I already have several different types of primers on my shelf. Why should I add another? I don't have any shelf space!

A: Put in RUST DESTROYER®. Since RUST DESTROYER® is a patented "Universal base paint primer" and "Rust Converter", phase out the others, free up a lot of shelf space.

Q: How versatile is RUST DESTROYER® in its applications?

A: From tricycles to battleships.

Q: Can RUST DESTROYER® be used under water constantly?

A: No. RUST DESTROYER® can not be used under constant water submersion.

Q: Some comparison of RUST DESTROYER® with other "Rust Converters."

Must be applied to rusty steel only. Applicable to bare metal, steel, aluminum, zinc galvanized metal, tin, core tan steel, previously painted surfaces, and directly over rust.
No guarantee. 5 year guarantee.
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