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Rust Destroyer


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Technical Information



With all the "rust converting" products and metal primers, why should you buy RUST DESTROYER®? You should not be forced to buy a separate primer or rust treatment for each specific job! No other product can make all these claims!

  1. Saves you money, by not having to inventory all the other "rust converters" and different metal primers. RUST DESTROYER® the patented universal paint primer, and rust converter does it all! One SKU.
  2. Avoid confusing your customers. Instead of stocking all the other products use RUST DESTROYER®. The one product for all your metal needs, as a universal paint primer, and "rust converting paint primer."
  3. Works with all the different types of paint you are already selling. No restrictions.
  4. RUST DESTROYER® is so unique it is patented.
  5. Non-Toxic, U.S.D.A. and F.D.A. approved.
  6. Has a Five-Year Guarantee.
  7. You don't have to pour RUST DESTROYER® into a separate non metal container, as most others say.
  8. RUST DESTROYER® can be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray. When spraying, if you use a number 17 tip, there is no need to thin the product.
  9. RUST DESTROYER®will work on:
    • clean steel.
    • rusty steel.
    • zinc galvanized metal.
    • hot dip zinc galvanized metal.
    • core tan steel.
    • aluminum.
    • tin.
    • previously painted surfaces.

    No special surface treatment needed. No sanding or deglossing needed, on glossy surfaces. Remove the loose flakes, have a paintable surface, apply product. RUST DESTROYER® is a self etching primer that "bites" into the previously painted surface.

    Other "Metal Primers" and "Rust Converters"

    Now lets look at some of the other "metal primers" and "rust converters" you are currently stocking.

    Metal primers
    Surface Use products Manufacturer
    Heavy rusted metal: #7769 rusty metal primer
    Or rust-oleum rust reformer.
    Painted metals Clean metal primer Rust-oleum
    Automobiles Auto primer Rust-oleum
    Galvanized metal Galvanized metal primer Rust-oleum
    Aluminum Gutter primer Rust-oleum

    What you are about to read are not sales pitches, but what actually is written in the literature!

    Metal primers

    1. all products- must lightly sand glossy surfaces.
    2. galvanized primer:
      • Not for use on iron or steel surfaces.
      • Do not apply over existing coatings. Remove all previous coatings by scraping and/or use of paint removers.

    Derusto galv a grip

    1. remove all old paint.
    2. on heavily rusted surfaces, scrape, wire brush, spot prime allow 24 hours to dry, then recoat.
    3. not recommended for use as a primer for lacquer, or epoxy based materials .

      Rust converters / Rust-oleum

      Rust converter # 3575:

      • use on rusted steel surfaces where only minimum surface preparation (scraping and wire brushing) is practical.
      • can be top coated with many types of finishes, however, for best performance with high performance coatings, the surface preparation and primer recommendation for those coatings should be followed.
      • remove all dirt, oil, salt and chemical contaminants by washing the surface with commercial detergent or other suitable cleaning method. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove all contaminants.
      • pour desired amount into a non metal container.
      • do not return unused portion to container. Doing so will contaminate the remaining material, and reduce or eliminate its ability to function.

      Duro extend

      1. sand or brush thoroughly.
      2. allow to dry overnight protected from moisture . .
      3. do not use water base or latex paint.
      4. apply a few thin coats rather than a thick coat.
      5. extend sprayed on coated metal will not turn black. Confine spray to -rusted, uncoated metal.

      Neutra rust

      • test small area to insure compatibility.
      • for best results, sand or wire brush rusted surface before application.
      • do not remove all traces of rust. Rust is necessary for proper chemical reaction .
      • wash off salt residue and chemicals.
      • 2 or 3 thin coats protect better than 1 heavy coat.
      • allow 2 hours between coats.
      • if a light color topcoat is desired, a light or medium colored primer is recommended to insure adequate protection.
      From the information above it is clear that RUST DESTROYER® is the only product without restrictions.

      RUST DESTROYER®Advantages

      1. Apply directly over rust.
      2. NO sandblasting.
      3. NO scraping to bare metal.
      4. NO washing, before or after application.
      5. NO sanding glossy finishes to improve adhesion.
      6. Minimize maintenance by maximizing rust conversion, and metal protection.
      7. EASY to use, simply remove loose or scaling particles, grease or dirt, and the surface is ready for the rust destroying primer.
      8. Stops rust in sever conditions.
      9. Outperforms all other paints in comparative tests.
      10. Has been working in industrial, institutional, and commercial environments since 1982.
      11. Works under a variety of finishes.
      12. Works over a variety of finishes.
      13. Adheres to clean and rusty steel, Zinc galvanized metal, and previously painted surfaces.
      14. Has superior adhesion when applied directly to clean zinc galvanized metal.
      15. Formulated for compatibility and sustained adherence to bridge paints that meet Federal and State specifications. RUST DESTROYER®when applied over new metal will prevent rusting.

        RUST DESTROYER®Five Year Guarantee

        We guarantee that RUST DESTROYER® conforms to our specifications and performs as per our technical in our literature.

        RUST DESTROYER® is guaranteed to stop existing rust, and prevent new rust for a period of 5 years when the following conditions exist:

        1. Applied in accordance with label directions.
        2. Having a three mil dry film thickness
        3. * Being applied directly to rusted or new metal surfaces
        4. Has not broken down, due to weathering ultraviolet exposure, etc.

        * NOTE: RUST DESTROYERョ will adhere to any and all paints, but will not "glue down" any unsound coatings. If the old paint should release, simply apply RUST DESTROYER® over the exposed area. RUST DESTROYER® will not penetrate through the old paint.

        Since we do not have control over application, we do not make any other kind of guarantee. Our liability if any is limited to replacement of product. Labor, consequential damages are hereby excluded.

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